Join us in creating a shared vocabulary around Treaty issues on Turtle Island.
About This Wiki

This “wiki” or what we are calling a Treaty Folksonomy, is a working prototype for the 2RowFlow Commons, dedicated to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls that will be built over the next 2 years and which will be designed to facilitate conversations, education and more! The purpose of this Treaty Folksonomy is to test out the concept of building, thru crowdsourcing, a shared vocabulary around Treaty words, phrases and concepts. While this is very large in scope — as it can include all the words and concepts found in the english language that relate to the two cultures of Treaty People: that of Settler Culture and of First Peoples Cultures, we will focus, to begin on the most popular words, phrases and concepts found in readings and conversations about and between First Peoples and Canadians & American Settler Cultures

“You look at the history – the aboriginal people welcomed the first settlers here with open arms, fed us and took care of us … that continues today, we welcome people from all nations to come in and share.” » Peter Stoffer

For three months in the Spring of this year UX Research was with a group of volunteers, all who are Settlers, all with a desire to see better relations with First Peoples and to be Anti-Racist. We feel that over standing starts with the words you choose to use and to reflect on. These Settlers were asked to blog on a regular basis about issues or concerns of interests that had to do with either Settler or First People Cultures in the context of Treaty. They were asked to categorize their blog posts under the 6 main categories of Laws, Customs or Ways of either First People or Settlers and to tag keywords that they felt were relevant to the topic they blogged about. Those keywords are now being added to this wiki as the starting taxonomy of a shared vocabulary for Treaty People. In October, we will launched this wiki and open it up for contributions from All Treaty People on Turtle Island. We hope that First Peoples will join us in contributing words, phrases or concepts that they feel are essential to establishing common ground and creating a shared vocabulary and understanding of the issues that matter! All Treaty People are welcome to contribute.

About Wikilogy
NOTE: This site is in it's very early stages and has not officially launched!
This wiki is currently a work in progress.

Since this wiki is a work in progress, there are elements of the original theme still not deleted or replace and of course there may be spelling errors or typos or “Lorem ipsum” placeholder text that has not been dealt with yet. Think of it as a sketch that needs to be cleaned up. It will only get better in time.