“Native women warriors are the heart of the resistance”
Contribution by Settler: A. Rogers, participant in Settler UX Research, Spring-Summer 2019 (02/28/2019)

Pam Palmater is from the Mi’kmaw Nation, a member of the Eel River Bar First Nation. She is also a #lawyer with a way of cutting right to the heart of the matter, and does some media commentary so you may have seen her speaking truth to power. I discovered her through her #academic work, and now follow her on twitter. I would call #Pam_Palmater a major voice in the decolonization movement. This morning she posted a link to her podcast here.

Today’s episode is about the role #women play in indigenous culture, and while I’ve given this Pam’s title of “women warriors,” some caution is due for settlers. “Warrior” is a complicated concept with a deeper, more spiritual meaning in #indigenous culture than in the #European #tradition (see #Taiaiake_Alfred ‘s work for more on this). As you can imagine, it’s not just a case of schlepping on your combats and heading out to battle. Palmater provides a waaay more #holistic context, from women’s role as #life_givers and #nurturers to decision makers to #resistors. Women like #Freda_Husan, #Molly_Wickham, #Kanahus_Manuel (Art’s daughter) are at the forefront of the #decolonization movement in #BC, defending their lands, while #Jody_Wilson_Raybould is taking the fight to #Ottawa. Lots of role models.