Add your Word, Phrase or Concept for Discussion!

Do you want to contribute to the vocabulary for this Treaty Folksonomy? As part of the development of the 2RowFlow Cultural Commons over the next 2 years, we are working together to find common ground on which to begin to build relationships. Since we all speak some English due to Colonization (First Peoples), naturalization (Immigrants) or because we were born into English speaking (Settler) Families and attended some form of Public school, language seems to be a good starting point.


While we acknowledge that the use of English creates a boundary, it can also be leveraged as common ground for communications and sense making. English, also known as Globe-ish, is spoken around the world due #colonialism. Here, in so called Canada, #Treaty was made with the #Crown, and its representative, the Queen of England continues to be its leading figurehead.


The reason why we want to create this vocabulary for Treaty People is because a word, phrase or concept does not necessarily mean the same thing to First Peoples as it does to Settlers. The purpose of this “wiki” is Self Education. Therefore, we need to begin with a shared “taxonomy” or what is more often referred to as a #folksonomy, a common language for Treaty People.


Please Add your word , phrase or concept to the DISQUS comments below the next section for consideration OR if you feel that you want to define a word or start your Treaty Dictionary or write a post that references how a word or phrase is used online, in a work of literature or on the street, please sign up to become a contributor today! We welcome your input.